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Shaun Milli (Quintavious K Harris) was born December 24, 1996, in Augusta Ga.  He was raised in the small town of Edgefield South Carolina.  He is the youngest of one brother and one sister.  Shaun has had the love for music since he was very young.  Growing up as a toddler he would mimic singers he would see in church.  As he got older, he would like to watch movies like The Temptations, The Five Heart Beats, and What’s Love Got to Do with It.  He was fascinated by the music. He would stand in front of the television with the remote in his hand singing like it was a microphone, he even knew the dance moves too!   When Shaun turned 12 years old, he started singing at Republican Grove Baptist Church in Edgefield SC.  He would have the church full every Sunday because everyone would love to hear him sing.  On Sunday’s he would go from church to church all day singing.  In 2004 he started watching The American Idol.  He was fascinated with the show!  All the time he would say to his mother “Mama I’m going to sign up for that show as soon as I turn 16” and he did just that.  


When they heard about auditions being held in Atlanta, Shaun and his mother packed up and headed to Atlanta for the auditions. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it pass the first round of judges.  He didn’t give up there.  The next year he entered a talent show that was held in Augusta Ga.  The prize was an automatic spot for the American Idol that was held in Tennessee.  Once again, he didn’t win.  So, him and his mother decided to pack up once again and travel to Tennessee for the auditions.  This time he made the top 50 out of 2000 contestants and had the chance to perform in front of the celebrity judges which were JLo, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr but still he didn’t get the golden ticket for Hollywood. They told him that he sounded good, but he still needed to practice some more.  He was told no once again.  Another year came and he wanted to give it one more try so they headed out to Savannah for the auditions.  This time he didn’t make it pass the first round again.  This was the third time he was told “No” by the judges. Later In 2016 tragedy happened when his aunt Nikki passed away.  She was very dear to him; she was just like a second mother.  After that he put music aside for about a year.  Finally, he got his passion back for music something he loved doing.  He would sit in his room and write music and record it on cassette tapes.  


He then started going to the studio to record some of his music, In 2020 he gained popularity from his home town after releasing his single “Jhene” followed by “Temporary” he was so excited at how everyone liked it that it encouraged him to keep writing and recording.  Shortly after those releases he got familiar with “TikTok” and started recording and uploading videos, but not videos of his music but videos of him just being him!  The outgoing person everyone known him to be as well.  He had a plan at only 150 followers that if he could maybe build his following from posting every day videos of him being silly he would then surprise his followers with his voice that he was eager to share, and he did just that.  At a little over 70k followers he then knew that now would be the best time to showcase his talents!   In 2021 he recorded his first hit single “Love Me” that racked up millions of views on TikTok alone, followed by the released of his first EP “One in a Milli” on August 13, 2021.  Since the release of his EP, he has gotten over 17 million streams across all music platforms!  Shaun still strives to be the best him he can be, his goal is to make timeless music that lives on forever.  He also wants to inspire others to know that “The only guarantee in quitting is never making it, be true to yourself keep a pure heart and know hard work outshines talent any day!


"You’re good enough.” - Shaun Milli

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